Website Development

A website is much more than just good graphics and color, it’s defining who you are and what you do. Finding the right balance between content is key while maintaining the fluidity and ease of your site is essential.
On top of how your site looks, functionality is also important. Ensuring your site is responsive to work on any device is not only suggested, but a standard now for any online business.

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Mobile Apps

Whether it is iOS, Android or a Mobile Website, giving your customers a mobiles experience is no longer an option in today’s marketplace. We work with you to design, craft, develop and implement you app to ensure it is exactly what you are expecting.
If you are new to the mobile world we can also walk you through how to set up your iTunes or Google Play accounts, so you can manager your current and future applications easily and securely.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to getting your site to the top of the list, a good writer can go a long way. And when you combine excellent writing with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media outlets, your business will explode.
We can help you with Social Media Campaigns, Good Ad Word Management, Press Release & Article Writing and On-Page & Off-Page Optimization.

Graphic Design

In order to portray a professional image, all of your company’s identity pieces should have a consistent look and feel. We call this your BRAND. It is our aim to design identity systems which reflect the values and industry of each client.
This can be as simple as creating a custom logo, to design a full set of icons, color pallets, flyers and business cards. What ever you graphic design needs, we can help.

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Application/Database Development

Adding logic to your application or website can be very confusing. We will customize your system and help you easily understand each step. Whether it’s forms, eCommerce shopping carts, or applications, Bosscher Design has you covered.

Site Consulting & Hosting

Updating or planning your site involves good communication and asking the right questions. We will take you through it step by step, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. We also offer domain, server and email hosting for your development project.